Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Progress Report

Winston went to see Dr. Joe -- the pediatrician -- today.  It was our first visit since just after he was born, so we got the standard measurements/milestones check and the stats are impressive.  
Height/length:  23 1/4 inches
Weight:  11 lb. 4 oz.
What does this mean?  95 percentile

He's growing like crazy!  Winston shows off just how long he is here in his bassinet where he prefers to push himself off the bottom so his head and hands touch the top.  We've only got about an inch left before no boost off the bottom will be necessary.  

The perks of having talented friends

We are lucky to have very talented friends who know how to use a camera better than we do.
My friend Ashley and I went through junior high and high school together.  She now lives here in St. Louis, at least a little bit longer before heading to Michigan.  She and her darling little family stopped by one Sunday, and in just a couple of minutes she managed to capture these beautiful pictures of Winston.   

Now I doubt any one has been losing sleep over where Winston's "Week 2" pictures have been.  Worry not.  To document Winston's second week of life, our friends Ben and Becca came by for a little impromptu photo shoot.  The pictures are priceless!  Ben set up his lights, Becca was designated 'Art Director' and off they went.  It was so professional and fun.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sunday was a big day

In addition to celebrating Easter, Winston turned one month old on Sunday.  

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Four weeks?!

I can hardly believe this time four weeks ago I was sitting in the hospital, completely drugged up at this point, waiting for this little guy to make his entrance into the world.  Wow, four weeks?!  It has gone by so, so quickly; I can hardly believe it!
Winston's great tan is apparently legit.  After a traumatic trip back to the outpatient lab, it's been confirmed that it's not just jaundice anymore; he just has lovely olive skin (thank you Waterfalls).  It was at said laboratory trip where I learned how much I am affected by Winston.  
We wanted to make sure his bilirubin was at an appropriate level, so the doctor sent me to an outpatient lab at the hospital.  We made it there late in the afternoon and, unfortunately, the A Team had already left for the day.  The remaining personnel were, well, sub par.  The tech who provided the first three (yes, three!) heel sticks revealed her lack of skill right off the bat; "So, I use this right here on his foot?"  You don't say or ask things like this right before drawing blood.  Honestly!  

After she tried fruitlessly for about 10 minutes to get enough blood from my poor boy's little foot, the purportedly more experienced tech came to "squeeze it out of [Winston]," convinced he could get the needed amount of blood.  All the while I hovered over my screaming and, at this point, wailing little boy who has been stuck multiple times.  Then the second tech had the nerve to say, "Well, at least he'll sleep really well tonight after crying that much."  Seriously?  
Needless to say, it was absolutely horrible.  Poor Winston just cried and cried.  I could tell he was hurting.  It took everything in my not to cry along with him.   I finally said enough was enough and took Winston home.  I cried and he whimpered the whole way home.  

What did I learn?
A -- I am the advocate for my child.  If he needs something, at this point in his life it's up to me to make sure he gets it.  
B -- I now better understand the stewardship of a parent.  When Winston's happy, I'm happy.  When he's sad, I'm sad.  Up until now I could pretty easily keep my feelings to myself.  How I felt was typically based solely upon myself.  But now I find my feelings reflective of Winston's.  I feel an intense sense of ownership for his well-being and responsibility for his happiness.  

The selfless part of parenthood is a lesson I will continue to learn.   Thankfully it won't be at any more bilirubin checks.  

Just Another Saturday

This is what I woke up to last Saturday:  Lucy supervising while Dave works.  I love it.  

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Week Three with Mr. Winston

You always hear, "Enjoy every minute.  They change so fast."  That's just one of the lessons I've learned this week.  This boy is growing and changing by the minute!  I want him to stay small so I can just hold and snuggle him all the time.  He's certainly getting more vocal; he has a better idea of what exactly he wants and he lets us know.    I'm certain there are plenty more of those "lessons" that we'll learn very soon.

Bath time isn't so bad as long as you can keep the bathroom at a balmy 80 degrees.  
He loves his paci.  Bless the person who made this simple baby-soothing solution.  

Pretty cute, huh?