Friday, December 21, 2012

Shhhhh! Babies sleeping.

Lizzie is all about baby dolls these days.  Often she will line them up on her chair or couch or the floor and quickly get after anyone making noise.  "Shhhhh!" she says.  "Babies sleeping!"  

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

W's Preschool Program

The day after we returned from Utah, W sang his school's Christmas program.  They had been practicing for weeks!  I was so glad W could be there for it; and I was so excited to see it.  

The kids sang several songs, both fun and spiritual Christmas songs.  W's favorite went something like, "Ho-ho-ho-hosanna, Ha-ha-hallelujah.  He-he-he-he-saved me.  I've got joy of the world."  
After the program, they had a little party in his room.  We got more art projects to take home that I could've imaged, including W's little picture ornament.  He was so proud of his work and singing.  
W's buddy Owen.  W is always quick to say Owen is his "best fwend."  They are good little buddies.  Owen has a really great family, too.  I'm glad they're friends.  
So proud to have Daddy there.  

Monday, December 17, 2012

First snow 2012

Lizzie experienced her first real snow while we were in Utah just before Christmas.  It snowed and snowed a LOT.  W was in heaven.  He couldn't get outside soon enough!  Thankfully Maria left her snow clothes in Utah, so W was quickly outfitted -- though it was a little feminine.  He quickly made his way to the backyard and started on his snowman.  

Lizzie, on the other hand, was super excited to go outside, test out the snow, discover that it was really cold, and make her way back inside.  She was OK watching it all through the window.  Maybe next year?  
"It's good, Mom!"
The snowman in his glory.  
Poor snowman toppled over after W showed it some love.  

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Early Christmas with MaMom and Poppy

Though we wouldn't be with them Christmas Day, MaMom and Poppy celebrated Christmas with us and the kids while we were in Utah.  Sunday morning the kids opened gifts and presented their own to my parents.  It was so fun to see their eyes light up -- both my kids' and my parents'.
{Superhero stickers}
{Baby doll}
{Trains, trains and more trains}

Friday, December 14, 2012

Moment at Temple Square with W

We ventured to Temple Square to see the Christmas lights, displays, and get in the Christmas spirit.  We weren't the only ones with this idea.  Thousands and thousands and thousands of others poured into Temple Square that evening, too.  It was shocking to see the masses of people.  Despite being hungry and tired from a long day, the kids were troopers.  We saw the lights and headed over to the Christus and nativity.  The line at the Christus was nightmarishly long.  So was opted for the nativity.  I took W down to the front so he could see.  It was a special moment I never want to forget.  It. Was. Magical.

We watched as the different parts of the nativity were lighted:  the creche, the wisemen, the shepherds.  W was quick to point out which group was which and what they were doing.  At one point he whispered in complete awe, "This is amazing!"  Then a few minutes later, "Wow!  Wow!  Wow!"  It was sweet, and genuine, and pure innocence at the grandeur of what he was watching.  It was like the spirit of Christ and Christmas came to life for him.  We were surrounded by hundreds of people and it was like no one was there.  Thank you, W, for showing me how sweet and simple and magnificent Christmas really is.  

Chickens in December

I can't even express how happy it makes me to see my children run in wide open spaces, get their hands dirty, use their hands and feel pride in their work.  These chickens in the "field" do all of that.  

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Baby Got Bach

We took W to a Baby Got Bach event here in St. Louis.  It was our first time going to one of these, and we left thoroughly impressed.  Young children, ages 3-8-ish, are given the opportunity to play various musical instruments, compose music and experience rhythm, all at the hand of highly trained musicians.   Then they attend a very age-appropriate musical performance, which highlights many of the things they learned in the previous activities.  
W really liked the percussion and rhythm activities.  He was a bit antsy during the perfomance, but he loved waving his flag around and shouting and clapping.  
It was so much fun.  Such a cool program to have here in St. Louis.  It was definitely a little outside of my and Dave's comfort zones, as we are not musicians in the least.  But it was really cool to expose Winston to different varieties of music, as well as show him how much a part of his life is music. (this sounds like something I pulled from their website; I promise it wasn't)

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Quick trip to Utah

Lizzie and I made a quick trip to Utah just before Thanksgiving.  It was fun to travel with little busy body.  She is the cutest little girl I know.  She had lots of fun pushing the iPad button over and over and over again, as well as making funny faces in Photobooth.  Cheap thrills, right?
Flying with little people is always a little tricky.  But our flights to/from Utah were so much more manageable because we always managed to sit by someone so nice and so helpful.  It's always such a relief when the person sitting next to you doesn't hate kids.  And the people we sat next to on all four flights would have done anything for Lizzie.  They were so kind.  So patient.  So sweet.  
We flew into the Wasatch valley right at dusk.  It was breathtaking.  Gosh I miss this place.  We flew over the mountains into Provo, then up the Wasatch front into Salt Lake.  I couldn't take my eyes off those beautiful snow-capped mountains on the east and that burning orange and pink sun to the west. This view never, never gets old.   
Our flights were delayed, but our ride home was not deterred.  My mom brought down my grandma and niece Maria and sister Liz to be our welcoming committee.  It was so fun to have them all there when we arrived.  We drove into SLC and stopped at City Creek and Macy's to see my sister Liz's candy ornament display.  
It was even better than I imagined.  Amazing!  
Rough picture, but gosh I miss these people.  We sisters -- and mom -- will move heaven and earth for each other.  I'm so lucky to have you.