Monday, April 9, 2012

EVR Birthday Party!

Lizzy's birthday fell over Conference weekend, so after the Sunday meetings wrapped up, my in-laws hosted a little birthday party for this new one-year-old.  Several of our dear friends and family came over (Larsons, Portwoods, Munsons, Violettes, Grandpa D, Wallaces and Fehrs) to help us celebrate this lovely little lady.  And despite being April 1st, the weather was warm, even hot!  We barbecued outside, played baseball and frisbee, laid out on blankets and just had a good time. 

Lizzy daintily picked at the cupcake, took a few licks, then shoved the whole thing in her mouth.
Thank you (you know who you are) for snapping these photos while she ate.  

I wish I would  have taken more photos of her with her "guests."  At least she got one with her second mother Briana.

Winston was sure to help Lizzy unwrap, open and play with every single one of her gifts.

Thank you to SheShe for hosting (read:  doing everything for this party).  It was such a fun night with people who are so important to our family.  Lizzy is so loved by so many people, which, as her mom, couldn't make me happier.