Thursday, October 28, 2010


Before I jump ahead and discuss my sisters' weekend with Mickey and Minnie, I have to recap our weekend to Minne-apolis.  Hah!  Get it?  That was lame.

Anyway, my two friends Melissa and Crystalyn are living in Minneapolis while their hubs go to grad school.  Having real life childhood friends living so close is something I'll certainly take advantage of.  So D, W and I headed north for the weekend.  And Minne certainly didn't disappoint.
 Old Creamery Ice Cream
 The best ice cream on the planet.  
Pantless?  Yes, that's how he rolls. 
 Minnehaha Falls.   
That's Crystalyn.  I thought I'd just post this picture, but quite honestly, the picture below is much more representative of her.  

 Bikes for rent.  Made W's day.
Crossing the Stone Bridge.  Great conversation and beautiful fall colors!

Because Melissa is the most organized person I know (and I dream of learning said trait some day), she sent me a list of all the stuff we did in her new city.  I would take another trip to Minne any day -- and would recommend that city to anyone.  Here's what I want to remember about our trip:
  • Winston in his borrowed pink carseat (who can pass up not having to bring your own to the airport?)  
  • Brit's for lunch (sans lawn bowling; too bad!)
  • Downtown Minneapolis:  Off 5th, skyways, saying "cheese" at Target Field, candy store without the kettle corn I swore I could smell, tons of outdoor seating at restaurants, Melissa's fear of having to parallel park, Abe taking a rest and peeking out the back of the stroller
  • 10,000 lakes:  Lake of the Isles (incredible), Lake Calhoun and Lake Como
  • The obligatory trip to Patagonia 
  • Juicy Lucy's by the light of Macalester College
  • Winston's meltdown at the sight of the Twins mascot
  • Pantless little boys on Grand Ave (they were ours)
  • Punch Pizza.  I'd recommend the Toto and the house salad
  • Cafe Latte with just girls
  • Sunday afternoon tacos while little boys are on hunger strike
  • Girl talk in Crystalyn's bed with fruit snacks, popcorn and cereal...all the while Rob studied at the kitchen table
  • Abe and W's morning playdates, complete with shouting "hur-ray!," throwing balls at the blinds, fighting over the dinosaur and "it's dark in here" train trips through the tunnel
  • Como Zoo:  seeing the lovely Catherine herself.  Such a good treat to the end of a great trip

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween + Disneyland=

Best trip ever!

Thanks for such a fun weekend.
Missing you like crazy already.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Mental Health Break

Perhaps you've noticed.
Or maybe you haven't.
I'm a blog slacker.
But I'm OK with it.
Since I'm starting to feel human again (I suppose you can read into this),
I'm taking advantage of spending some time outside instead of at the computer (or on the couch).
A self-appointed blog break.
Winston and his foot tan lines are joining me, too.

We'll try again next week.


Saw this on the way to the airport the other day.
Another one of those things I need to learn.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Photo Series: Yates Orchard -- apple picking

We really out-did ourselves this weekend.  We went apple picking at a quaint little orchard in Illinois.  No trains.  No hay rides.  No $7 apples.  Just rows and rows of apple trees.  Couple that with a perfectly brisk fall day; it was pretty much perfect.

W's favorite part was picking up an apple, taking a bite, spitting it out, then launching it across the orchard. A huge field full of "balls"?  It was pretty much heaven to him.

{the wind-up}
  {the pitch}

Sunday, October 3, 2010

No nap + John Deere = Better luck next time

We're not wasting any time around here getting into the autumn spirit.  The orange and black decor has been slowly making an appearance for some time now.  By October 1st, we were on our way to Thies Farm to climb the pumpkins, play in the hay and go on a hay ride.

W just had other plans.

He was a little stressed throughout the 15 minute drive to the Farm.  A busy few days.  Little to no naps.  I thought he'd turn it around once we got there.

Thankfully, his happiness was quickly piqued upon seeing the John Deere tricycle.  I probably could have left him at the Farm the rest of the afternoon and picked him up that evening.  He was enthralled with this "bike."

When it was time to move on, it took about 10 minutes and some serious distraction before I could dismount him from said trike.  He showed no interest in the pumpkins, and I literally had to force him on the giant pumpkins to even get him to touch them.  Blasted tricycle!  

He did humor me enough to go down the slide, at which point he spotted the John Deere tractor -- just his size.  It was over from there.  He refused to get off and share the tractor with any of the other four-and-under patrons.  One little girl waited around and kindly asked for a turn.  I removed W from the tractor, which pulled the trigger.  He unloaded into a kicking, screaming fit.  It was awesome.  After a kick to the stomach (by him -- not me.  just clarifying here), it was time to go.

Adios John Deere!  Maybe next time.

*On a side note, I always confuse when you capitalize "fall" and/or "autumn." Please forgive the errors.