Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hello there

Now that I have no birthdays to look forward to 'til I'm 50, and because I've been tagged 7,000 times for that '25 things about me' list, I've decided to do a list of 26 (yes, 6) things about me in commemoration of the recent 26th anniversary of the day of my birth.

1.  I am self-conscious about my feet.  They are big.
2.  I am intelligent.  The worst thing someone could say to me is that I am stupid.  
3.  I hate the wind.  It scares me.  I don't like the sounds it makes.  I don't even like wind chimes.  
4.  I am my mother:  emotional; can't stand when shoes are left around the house; don't like to be in the way; worrier; thoughtful.
5.  I am my father:  may seem emotionally detached, but I do care (it all comes out when i turn into Nancy); serious; dependable; surprisingly funny; I have no problem completely re-loading the dishwasher more strategically so all dirty dishes will fit appropriately. 
6.  I am the peacemaker; not by avoiding confrontation, but by dealing with things realistically.
7.  I aspire to be a good cook.
8.  I have never broken a bone (besides fingers/toes).
9.  I love to laugh.  It makes me feel the best.  Ask anyone, I'll laugh at just about anything.  The harder I laugh, the better I feel.  
10.  I am content.  
11.  I love my husband.  While I may not devote blog posts solely to proclaiming my love for him, I do think he's tops.  
12.  I shop with purpose; I'm not a browser.  
13.  I am the granddaughter of an English language professor.  It makes me absolutely crazy when people use poor grammar.  I can't say I'm perfect, but at least I can formulate sentences correctly.  
14.  I love carbohydrates.  Candy, cereal, bread; I love them all.
15.  I let my mind wander.  Perhaps that's why I have such a hard time focusing when I read a book.  
16.  I love to clean house, de-clutter, basically throw things away.  This includes regular trips to the Goodwill and the weekly purging of the refrigerator.  
17.  I have a genuine concern for people.  I sincerely like to help others.  
18.  I regret.  My biggest college regret is not taking Calculus.  My life would likely be much different if I had taken and passed that class and pursued business.  But I may have never met Dave had I not gone the course I did.  So it all worked out.  
19.  I'm a nail biter.  Always have been.  Probably always will be.  
20.  I love my dog.  If my child is loved half as much as Lucy is, he'll be very well taken care of.  
21.  I get anxiety over commitment, whether big or small (i.e. what color to paint a room).  
22.  I'd like to collect art.  If I ever have excessive amounts of money some day, aside from traveling (see 23), I would love to have all sorts of art -- classical, abstract, doesn't matter -- on the walls of my home. 
23.  I love to travel.  I love new adventures.  I love the excitement of preparing to go somewhere new and experience new peoples/places/cultures.
24.  I speak Spanish...sort of.  A summer in Spain helped me hone my spanish-speaking ability.  After I got married I taught Spanish to elementary-aged kids.  Nowadays I'm a bit out of practice, but I think I could still get by.    
25.  I love to run.  I desperately  miss it as I haven't been able to go for a real run in several months (a pregnant woman passing out while miles from home doesn't make for the best situation).  I can't wait for baby and springtime to come. 
26.  I am a writer.  Though this practice of putting thoughts and ideas on paper does not come easily for me, I find great satisfaction in it. 

anthro = love

now this is what i call a birthday present.  only thing better is the gift card from my dear.