Friday, July 31, 2009


I am in for some (what I call) long runs and, therefore, in desperate need of some good tunes to keep me going. Desperate, desperate need. All 5 of you who read this, send me some of your favorite music that will keep me distracted while my legs and lungs are on fire.
Your audio acumen is much appreciated.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Top That

This is hysterical.

4 Months Old

Yesterday marked four months since Winston was born. He is still just a little baby to me, but he's getting so big. And the doctor confirmed it; he's one long and lean baby boy.

26 3/4 inches long (95 percentile) -- that's almost five inches in four months!
15 lb. 10 oz. (75 percentile)

This is a very accurate picture of Winston: soaking wet from putting two fists -- or notecard -- into his mouth over and over again.

Winston has reached several milestones in the last month:

**lots of squealing
**hands successfully navigating to his mouth
**almost getting his paci back into his mouth...almost
**growing out of all of his 3-month clothing
**going to the pool for the first time (slept through the whole thing)

And check this out; he rolls over!

And like most four month olds, Winston got these. Yep. Teeth. Two of them.

Monday, July 6, 2009

First Cardinal Game

Winston went to his first Cardinal baseball game last week. He jumped a little the first time the crowd roared, but other than that, I think he kinda liked it. At least until he fell asleep. I think he and I (along with the guys in back of us) were the only ones not wearing red. So, we're not the most avid Cards fans, but we had a good time.
(Bad photo taken on phone. I forgot my camera.)

First video

Winston gets a little stage fright any time I pull out the camera. I've made several attempts to get some video of him when he's really talkative and making all sorts of sounds, but he turns mute as soon as I push Record. While this video may lack some excitement, those of you who haven't seen the boy in a while might like it.

Peas please

My potted pea plant has produced! In my attempt to garden, I potted some pea and tomato plants this year. Well, the tomatoes were knocked over and didn't last long, but the peas made it! I don't think we'll be able to be self-reliant based on the pea harvest, but it's a good start.

It wasn't Godzilla

It was Lucy who destroyed the Statue of Liberty.