Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Winston starts Second Grade

Winston isn't quite as excited about starting school again: second grade to be exact.

Dave gave Winston a blessing tonight.  Winston was so attentive (despite Henry's disruptive antics) and focused with his bowed head, tightly folded arms, and closed eyes.  Here is what Dave shared, which, again, was so unique and individual to Winston:

  • know that you are different from your peers; you are a follower of Christ
  • because you are different, you can be a leader among your friends; help them to want to make good choices
  • find good friends, ones who will help you do good things
  • trust your teacher, your principal and your parents to help you 
  • be able to hear the things you need to learn
  • study and work hard as you learn more in math, reading and science
  • the things you learn will come to mind and you will remember them

Lizzie is a Kindergartener!

Lizzie begins kindergarten at Green Trails Elementary tomorrow.  I am feeling all sorts of emotional about this. I'm trying to keep it together, but I feel like I just want her to stay home.  But that's all about me.  I know she's ready.  She is so smart and so strong and so kind. She is going to be a great kindergartener.

Tonight Dave gave her a blessing. She demanded her blessing "NOW!" As soon as Dave began to speak, a hush fell and the spirit flooded our home. The words he shared weren't anything like other blessings I've heard hi give. Not even close. Obviously very personal and individual to Lizzie.  Here is some of what he said:
  • be ready to be involved in all sorts of activities at school
  • know that Heavenly Father knows how you feel; He hears you when you pray and know when you think about him
  • home is a safe place; you can always come home and talk to mom and dad and feel love and feel safe
  • you are special
  • be a good friend to others, especially look for those who need a friend and someone to be kind to them

Sunday, January 24, 2016


Dave: "What's she (Lizzie) been doing, reading People magazine all day?! I don't get it where she gets this attitude from."

Things Henry says these days

Jan. 2016

Nopey nopey
Yes (with lisp)
Sanca Cause (Santa claus) is coming to town
Santa cos nap (when blow up Santa isn't inflated)
Mouse. House.
Roll call! Donald. Dailey. Goofy.
Mommy, come!
(Points to each of us and calls us by name)
Me Heh-wee
Bless ("bless you")
Hold baby (hold me like a baby)
Mommy's car. Red car.
Book. Bookie!
Cup. Cuppie!
Sawich (sandwich)
Yogrrr (yogurt)
Ah-sauce (apple sauce)

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