Monday, September 15, 2008

Ike Strikes

Sunday morning as we headed to church, this is what greeted us just about a mile from home: we skip church?  Nah, we go home, get the camera, shoot some photos, and find another way there.  

In just a few hours it rained about 5 inches!  This little creek rose about 10+ feet to cover the bridge and completely flood the area.  But about four hours later, it was back to normal -- with the exception of the mud and silt everywhere.  
I love the weather in the Midwest; it keeps life interesting.  

Monday, September 8, 2008

Finish what I started

I never quite gave justice to our Destin trip this summer.  The two mini blog entries really only display my and Dave's unfortunate/completely inconvenient arrival itinerary and the ice cream thief.  
And since photos are much more eloquent than my words, please enjoy the following visual description of Destin '08:

This accurately displays Reesy's love for the pool/beach/anything water.

We bought snow cones from, yes, the snow cone stand on water.

Laura always gets the best tan (next to Stevie who can lie in the sun for days at a time).

About 90% of James' pictures looked like this, always a little bewildered, but so so cute.  
What would Destin be without a ride on the train?