Friday, May 31, 2013

Tornado scare

After the carnival, Dave dropped us off at home and then headed down south to Youth Conference.  Within minutes of him leaving, the rains came down and the tornado sirens started screaming.  I headed to the basement with the kids and Lucy.  The house was blowing and based on the urgency in the weatherman's voice, I knew this was serious.  We hung out in the basement for about an hour.  The kids thought it was the greatest because they got to watch Netflix and wrestle with each other way after their typical bedtimes.  After it seemed like the storm had passed, we headed upstairs and went to bed. 
The next day we drove around and easily spotted the tornado's destructive path.  A metal light pole was snapped in half!  It was shocking.  Our area was left relatively unharmed, thankfully.  Gosh, I hate these tornados.
It was comforting to know that while we were cooped up in the playroom of the basement, I knew that the next room over was fully of water, food, supplies, etc.  We would have been prepared with the essentials, had we needed them.  And thankfully, the batteries in the flashlight worked, too.  

St. Monica Annual Carnival

We went to the annual St. Monica carnival again this year.  It is such a classic, quintessential carnival, complete with cotton candy, corny games and questionable ride operators.  
Lizzie's wave.  Too funny.  
W thoroughly enjoyed the roller coaster this year.  

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

W last day of school program and party

W's end-of-school program was basically a musical review of the school year.  W's class was dressed in yellow (we have very little yellow in W's closet), and he and his buddy Owen sang their hearts out.  
Of course Lizzie couldn't just sit in the audience and watch.  She took off her shoes and went up from to sing with W and his classmates.  W wasn't too thrilled about sharing his stage with his little sister.  

Monday, May 27, 2013

W soccer "Kickaroos"

W took soccer skills class at Vetta Sports this spring along with his buddy Owen.  It was hysterical to watch them run around the indoor field, arms tucked in and listening intently to their coaches.  
He loved to yell "Goooooal!" when he would score.  

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sweet Winston -- 4 years old

{Easter 2013}

Winston the four year old.  What a kid!  Winston turned four on March 12, 2013, though we just went to the doctor for his four-year appointment last week (April 29, 2013).  

Here are his stats:
Height:  42 3/4" (95%)
Weight:  40.8lb (85%)

How did I end up with such tall children?!

Winston is such a great boy.  He loves, loves, loves school.  He would go every day, all day if I let him.  He loves his teachers.  He loves his friends there, too, especially his friend Owen.  Owen and Winston have playdates every Tuesday after school, alternating between our house and Owen's.  It's been so much fun for Winston, and a major perk for me (and Kahra, Owen's mom).  Those two have really grown in their personalities and abilities to play together and work things out.  They really care about one another; they're "best buddies" or "best friends."  
{playing air guitar in the car}
Winston really loves Primary at church.  He joined the Sunbeams this year.  He loves singing time and the "big class" (sharing time).  His teachers are John and Jana (Fullmer) Wright.  They are stellar teachers.  He loves them, and I know they love him too.  Winston has given the scripture during sharing time {2.17.13}.  He also sang during sacrament meeting on Easter.  He's getting so grown up.  I still can hardly believe it when he walks into Primary.  
{breakfast 'toons}
W wakes up about 7:00 each morning to join Dave in the bathroom as he gets ready.  I think W really just wants some quiet time with his daddy's iPhone before he goes to work.  It makes me smile to hear them talk in the bathroom so early in the morning.  Once Dave leaves for work, W will watch some PBS Kids until it's time to get ready for school and/or get ready for the day.  Yes, I usually get out of bed after W has already been up for quite a while (bad mom alert).  

Naps are hit and miss these days (gah!).  This boy NEEDS a nap, yet they are hard to come by.  Thankfully, if we can get through the awful 4:00-5:00 each afternoon when he falls apart, then he will usually go to bed quickly and without a fuss by about 7:15.  No naps are rough.  I hate it.  There, I said it.  

Winston's obsession with Thomas the Train is waning.  However, he still loves baseball, hockey, and now, soccer.  He started soccer lessons at Vetta Sports about a month ago.  It's shocking, but he's just a natural athlete.  Very agile.  Quick to catch on.  It's pretty amazing to watch him, especially since I lack any sort of athletic/competitive bone in my body.  He loves to run and play and shout "Goal!" when he scores.  

Some funny and sweet things W has said or done in the last few months:

W:  What do astronauts eat?
Me:  I don't know.  What?
W:  Christmas lights!  (Hahahah!)

"I wish I was big like my daddy.  Then I can go to work and have a watch and a tie."  {1.23.13}

"It's kind of boring when we don't have Lizzie." (said in the car while Lizzie was at home with D) {1.24.13}

He still will brush his face with my hair when we snuggle before he goes to bed at night.
Me:  What did you learn today at school?
W:  We learned about how cows make milk.
Me:  How do cows make milk?
W:  They have those little downy things on their bottoms and that's where they make milk.

"Mom, does it make you sad that I'm four now?"  {3.12.13}

"I don't want to be a missionary.  I want to be a prophet!"  {3.18.13}

"Mommy, is the baby in your belly making you sick again?" {3.2013}

{lunch date}
W:  Mom, I need some more water.  Can I get a refill?
Me:  Yeah, I'll get it.
W:  Mom, I'm four.  I can do hard things.

{sensitive boy, getting all teary-eyed watching "The Fox and the Hound"}

Oh this boy.  He has such a sweet spot in my heart, it just hurts.  He makes me so happy, and sometimes so frustrated.  He pushes my buttons until I boil over, but knows how to read me when I avoid feelings that I don't want to face.  He is so strong.  And strong-willed.  He is smart; so smart!  He is sensitive.  He is passionate.  He is scattered.  He is fun.  He is the best little boy I know who is teaching me how to love and how to truly listen.  

Thank you W.  I love you to the rocket ships and airplanes and back.