Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Winston starts Second Grade

Winston isn't quite as excited about starting school again: second grade to be exact.

Dave gave Winston a blessing tonight.  Winston was so attentive (despite Henry's disruptive antics) and focused with his bowed head, tightly folded arms, and closed eyes.  Here is what Dave shared, which, again, was so unique and individual to Winston:

  • know that you are different from your peers; you are a follower of Christ
  • because you are different, you can be a leader among your friends; help them to want to make good choices
  • find good friends, ones who will help you do good things
  • trust your teacher, your principal and your parents to help you 
  • be able to hear the things you need to learn
  • study and work hard as you learn more in math, reading and science
  • the things you learn will come to mind and you will remember them

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