Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Never ceases to amaze

So Monday was like any other day where Winston and I began by donning our workout gear -- he in his green sweatpants and I in my shorts and fleece -- for our morning walk.  It was a lovely walk and I thought Winston looked especially cute in his typically unattractive sweats.
Well Monday night, after taking care of some little projects around the house, we headed down to the Lion's Choice to eat.  I got my usual Cub Meal complete with kiddie toy/prize.  Now Lion's Choice doesn't have your typical prizes.  None of the cartoons, High School Musical or Sponge Bob stuff.  It's more like no-name rubber duckies, tops or neon sunglasses.  So with each Cub Meal, you never quite know what prize you're going to get.  Monday night was no exception.
As usual, I pulled out my meal and looked at the bottom of the bag to claim my prize.  It was something purple, something I'd never seen before.  I pulled it out, removed it from its plastic covering, and lo and behold, it was a purple wrist sweatband complete with an embroidered smiley face on it:  the perfect accessory for Winston's walks!  Who would think to have a sweatband as a Cub Meal prize?  Lion's Choice, of course.  They never cease to amaze me.  


Whitney said...

Kristin forwarded your blog info to me and I've loved looking at his pictures.
You guys make CUUUUUTE babies!
Have more!
Love the wristband!
Love Lion's Choice too!
Say hi to Dave for me.
xoxo Whitney (Smith) Cripe :)

Meg said...

That is great. I will stop my search for baby headbands and wristbands. You know Dad bought me and Liz a pair of sweatbands to share when we used to go to kickboxing...they were great - we each wore one. I re-read the "How do I love thee?" post and I just love the little Dub more and more. Oh, and the fake sleeping, Maria does that sometimes too - so funny.
Love you Katie!

Beck n' Ben said...

Lion's Choice is so weird. But mmmm tasty! :) The W is looking good. We need to see you guys again soon!

Lizbeth said...

hahah i love it! we're so going there the end of the month, i'll be in town of course!